Easy Summer Vegetable Salad and 4th of July Cherry Pie

On these hot summer days, nothing is better than a cold salad chock full of crisp, brightly colored vegetables. And it’s even better if you can make it without turning on the stove or microwave! Just stay with me here and don’t let the name drive you away. It’s Sweet Sauerkraut Salad. Even if you […]

Weathered Timber Kitchen Floor

I was not a fan of our kitchen floor since the first time we saw this house. It was in good condition, but just looked dirty all the time…mostly because it was dirty most of the time! Even when I spent over an hour cleaning it, within 30 minutes, it would be showing dirt again. […]

Running On a Lazy River

Some of you may recall one of my blog posts from last winter where I talked about taking Paddle board Yoga classes at the Kingsport Aquatic Center (KAC). The link to that post can be found here. I made it through eight of those classes before I decided it was no longer fun. Apparently the […]